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Lieutenant JG Toareth Rouen (née Darqa)

Name Toareth Lore Rouen (née Darqa)

Position Chief Medical Officer

Rank Lieutenant JG

Character Information

Gender Female
Species El-Aurian
Age 166

Physical Appearance

Height 5'8"
Weight 120
Hair Color Dirty Blonde
Eye Color Reddish Brown
Physical Description Despite being 166, Toareth has the appearance of being in her early to mid twenties.


Spouse René Rouen
Children Gabrielle Immaculée Rouen
Father Deceased
Mother Deceased
Brother(s) Unknown. Maybe Deceased
Sister(s) Unknown. Maybe Deceased
Other Family Unknown. Maybe Deceased

Personality & Traits

General Overview Toareth spent years in the small confines of the El-Aurian refugee ships transporting them to Earth. Adding a near death experience with what some of her kind call "The Nexus", Toar infrequently battles migraine headaches that today's medicine cannot find a fix for. Other El-Aurians claim that part of her soul/consciousness was ripped away into the Nexus but she remained behind, but Toareth largely denies that claim. Dealing with the destruction of her homeworld and the infrequent migraines on top of her longevity, Toareth has become something of a loner, dresses in a counter-culture type of way and often goes out of her way to avoid making connections. She did find love, or the beginnings of love when she met Rene Rouen aboard the USS Stardancer. That helped her open up more to people, but he was called away suddenly just before the Dominon War got underway. They kept in contact as much as they could until there came a communications blackout. Toareth then lost all contact with Rene.

She knows a Romulan Martial art, called the Verelan Gek'Ha Gen that is often practiced by the Qowat Milat and is often seen in the gym practicing or in the holodeck sparring with holograms.
Strengths & Weaknesses Toareth is professional but oftentimes to a fault. She is well versed in surgical procedures and other medical practices yet sometimes finds herself at odds with the limits she has to operate in. She knows how to cut corners but also knows the rules and regulations against such things.
Ambitions Toareth has little ambition and desire.
Hobbies & Interests Toareth enjoys performing experiments, actual experiments aside from just running simulations. Something about getting in there and getting hands dirty sometimes has an intoxicating effect on her.

Personal History Spirited away at a young age during the invasion of El-Auria by an unknown yet far superior enemy, Toareth was quite literally thrown aboard the nearest departing vessel. Surrounded by strangers, Toareth surveyed everyone and found no one she knew; no family and no friends. Toareth grew to know the people she was travelling with and was always expecting, because she was constantly being told, that they were going to find a new home. The years ticked away until one day, as they finally closed in on a place that appeared open to accept them, the ships encountered an anomalous energy ribbon that many called The Nexus.

Though many referred to it as a place of peace, Toareth saw only death and destruction barreling toward them. After being rescued by the Enterprise-B, Toareth only thought of the time her people died and her homeworld was destroyed because now only a handful of El-Aurians had survived. Though they all claimed the desire to remain close and become their own small El-Aurian family, many went their own way after arriving on Earth. Again, Toareth found herself among strangers, a whole planet of them. All of whom appeared to grow old at a far greater rate than she.

Soon after the dawn of the new century on Earth, Toareth found herself growing tired of the planet. Not finding a place to call home or a people she could relate to, and, after having served in a nursing/medical capacity during her time aboard the El-Aurian refugee transports, Toareth found herself serving in similar capacities aboard transport vessels, frigates, cargo carriers, etc. as she ventured about Federation Space. Patching up the injured and saving the random life here and there seemed to come more naturally.

For many years, Toareth lived the life of bouncing from ship to ship, stopping off at trading posts, planetside on random planets, helping the injured and tending to the sick. Time and again, however, she would find herself in unstable situations. Civil unrest and the need to medical practitioners often go hand in hand. Toareth found that being medically proficient oftentimes camoflaged her from violence and even influenced the 'bad guys' to conscript her into their servitude. Studying what she could and when she could, Toareth discovered how to slow down healing of certain peoples and even found ways of covertly poisoning her oppressors. Experimentation allowed her to discover temporary cures to the ailments she inflicted and to underhandedly bring the 'bad guys' down.

It was in 2240 that Toareth found herself back on Earth. Somewhat battle-hardened and with a desire to put down the oppressive regimes that crop up time and again, to include star empires taking up entire regions of space, Toareth started out in the field of Intelligence but found her propensity lied in medicine. Being El-Aurian, it seemed only natural that one, with their famous listening skills, would turn to Intelligence or Counseling, but Toareth found her stride in Starfleet medical. It was there that she finally learned about something she had heard of over the years but never looked up; the Hippocratic Oath. If it was not for her ingenuity, some oppressive regimes would have flourished out there and Toareth found herself actually hesitating in taking the oath. That hesitation ended her tenureship at the Academy and nullified her already accrued credits.

Toareth did take up a position aboard Space Dock in orbit of Earth as a physician working in a civilian capacity, especially in the face of surges in refugees fleeing whatever war they were fleeing. There she expanded her experience and served as nurse in Sick Bay.

OFFICIAL RECORD: Toareth took up her residency aboard the U.S.S. Enterprise-C and apprenticed under the CMO. After observing many operations, spine fractures, brain surgeries, organ transplants, everything medical doctors are expected to handle, Toareth finally got her chance to actually perform these operations. First under supervision then on her own from time to time.

UNOFFICIAL RECORD: (READERS KNOW THIS. CHARACTERS DO NOT) Toareth took up her practice aboard the U.S.S. Canyon and apprentied under the CMO. After observing many operations, spine fractures, brain surgeries, organ transplants, everything medical doctors are expected to handle, Toareth finally got her chance to actually perform these operations. First under supervision then on her own. A few operations were done outside of official eye. After becoming proficient in her practice, Toareth discovered and even experimented with shortcuts in increaing the rate of healing, shortening the time took to perform operations, and even simulated end results of medical procedures. Though performing minor infractions in the SFCJ (Starfleet Code of Justice) Toareth was regarded as something of a miracle worker. Toareth did take to liking a human crewmember in particular. In her desire to not watch him grow old and die while she would age only a few years, Toareth began researching augmentation and avenues into human longevity. She enlisted this crewmember's participation but, before any actual experimentation could be performed, Toareth was caught, her research seized and she was arrested and charged. Serving only a few months in the Starfleet penal colony in New Zealand, Toareth was approached by a man calling himself Lynch.

OFFICIAL RECORD: After the destruction of the U.S.S. Enterprise-C (Toareth was taking some shore-leave on Earth), Toareth underwent counseling as she dealt with the loss of her comrades and as she dealt with the survivor's guilt of not being there, perhaps in a position to have saved the ship. Toareth's knack for beating herself up over it, presented her with infrequent migraine headaches, sometimes showing up at inopportune times. She does take medication for it, especially if she sees herself about to enter into a critical situation.

UNOFFICIAL RECORD: (READERS KNOW THIS. CHARACTERS DO NOT) During these times of 'heading out' Toareth was working for Section 31. Lynch, after perusing her record and hearing her detail to him about how she hesistated in taking the Hippocratic Oath, had her help out in interrogations, especially the interrogation of captured Romulan spies. Lynch held exposing her unofficial record over her as a means to ensure her cooperation. Toareth's experience with oppressive regimes, destroyed homes, violent takeovers and the like was almost enough for her to willingly cooperate with Lynch. Him threatening to expose her unofficial record was not always necessary. As long as she did her job, Toareth's time aboard the U.S.S. Canyon, her infractions, her criminal charge, her stay in the penal colony, all of that was erased.

OFFICIAL RECORD: (Characters may know this if the plot requires. Contact me for plot details if you wish to pursue.) Those who served aboard the U.S.S. Canyon were eventually made aware that the charges brought against Toareth were overturned, that the evidence was circumstantial. Many of the crew were reassigned to other vessels. The stories of Toareth and her deeds aboard the U.S.S. Canyon became only rumors and hearsay. Toareth spend many years away from Starfleet (UNOFFICIALLY: Working for Section 31) until she returned to Starfleet Academy to re-enlist and brush up on modern medicine...and recite the Hippocratic Oath.
Service Record 2334-2338: Starfleet Academy (Studying Intelligence. Later changed her focus to Medical)

2338-2342: Starfleet Medical Academy (Released after failing to recite the Hippocratic Oath)

2340-2342: Starfleet HQ/Space Dock/Academy

2342-2344: U.S.S. Enterprise-C (Enlisted Medical Practicioner)
There she apprenticed under the CMO, observing and eventually performing operations and surgical procedures (first with supervision, later without)

2344: U.S.S. Enterprise-C (Shore-leave on Earth when the Enterprise was destroyed)

2344-2369: Personal time. (Little Detail)

2369: Starfleet HQ/Academy
There she continued her work and her studies. Toareth focused on personnel returning from missions who needed medical attention and stays in Sick Bay. She also acted as auxilliary doctor and went on away missions to areas needing medical practitioners. After reciting the Hippocratic Oath, she finished her studies acquired the credits and was awarded the rank of Ensign.

2373: U.S.S. Stardancer (Cadet - Chief Medical Officer)

2373: (Post-Stardancer) REDACTED