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Commander Naois Mercy

Name Naois Mercy MD

Position Executive Officer

Second Position Counselor

Rank Commander

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Vulcan/Human
Age 43

Physical Appearance

Height 6'2"
Weight 172
Hair Color Strawberry blonde
Eye Color Deep Blue
Physical Description Being half Vulcan half Human, Naois looks predominantly Vulcan, though he has embraced his Human emotions for the most part, insofar he understands them. Towards strangers he may appear more Vulcan, but once he gets comfortable he will let his Human side slip though and smile on occasion. Like his mother, Naois is left-handed. Touch-telepath and empath.

Since he is the produce of IVF techniques, his parents had to resort to a little genetic engineering to make the embryo viable, given his mother had trouble getting pregnant to begin with, and many attempts had failed before. Therefor, Naois has blue eyes and blonde hair, like his father and green skin and general Vulcan physique, like his mother. Due to his mother's red hair, which was a quirk of nature, his blonde hair has a slightly red hue over it.


Spouse Valeia Roquel (dec.)
Children 3 Adopted:
Son Delon (Romulan, born 2365) (age 10)
Son Revan (Betazoid, born 2365) (age 10)
Daughter Laura (Human, born 2368) (age 7)
Father Stuart Mercy
Mother T'Val
Brother(s) D'Beren (dec.)

His older (adopted) brother D'Beren was killed in a shuttle crash a few years before Naois was born. He never knew his brother, only knows that to the Debrune, he was important.
Other Family Godfather Tedak (Romulan, mother's ex-husband)
Grandfather Soric (mother's father)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Naois is fairly easy to get along with, though at first he may appear cold and calculating as is in his Vulcan nature to do. He is always eager to help, and often forgets that his own safety should go before that of another. He will selflessly step into the line of fire to save another, much to his wife's chagrin.

He is very much a family man and was, until her death, very protective of his Betazoid wife and their adopted children. However if they're put in danger somehow, or threatened he'll be beside himself with worry and will go at length to protect them. In that case, he can be very dangerous to deal with.

He won't talk about his deceased brother D'beren, whom he has never known as the boy died before he was born.

Doesn't like sonic showers as he claims the hum it produces bothers his sensitive hearing.

His right hand is a bionic replacement, due to his hand having been crushed while held captive in the mirror universe.

Was severely injured when he was forced to fight for his life in a kal-if-fee challenge. His 'intended' mate chose to challenge rather than help him out.
Strengths & Weaknesses Strengths

good listener, empathic and touch-telepathic, level-headed


occasionally jealous, can have quite a temper when sufficiently provoked.

"Addicted" to holodeck adventures, generally set with the safeties lower than is permissible to help him deal with a few past trauma's. He has successfully sought help to overcome his addiction and come to partial terms with his past trauma's.

Despite being half Human, Naois never learned how to swim. His one attempt to learn, failed miserably and he hasn't tried since.

With one successful bonding during pon farr, and one failed bonding, Naois is now very apprehensive of the time when he will have to endure this condition again.
Ambitions To be of the best of service to starfleet, while remaining true to his own ideals. Naois isn't a very ambitious man, though he is passionate about helping others, while often ignoring his own needs and desires.
Hobbies & Interests Hiking through countryside at every shoreleave opportunity he gets. This allows him to meditate and appreciate the beauty of nature on alien colonies. Oddly enough he takes more care about his safety in the 'real world' than he ever did on a holodeck, prior to seeking treatment for his problems.

Personal History Naois is born on the planet Qualinost in 2333 as the son of doctors T'Val and Stuart Mercy, conceived through the means of IVF. He grew up as a confident child under the loving care of his parents, though he was raised fairly sheltered as his parents were sometimes a little too protective of him. When he grew older he learned he once had an older, adoptive brother who had been killed in an accident. Despite repeated inquiry, his parents refused to discuss his deceased brother with him.

Having grown up in a medically minded family brought Naois in contact with patients from an early age and both the guidance and encouragement of his parent, as well as his godfather Ji'Zhan made him decide on a pre-academy apprentice ship as a medical officer. However, he didn't find medicine to his liking and instead decided to dedicate his empathic and telepathic skills towards the mental healing of patients.

At age 19 he applied to Starfleet academy and enrolled in the counseling track and graduated to the rank of ensign at age 23. After graduation he was assigned to the Intrepid refit class USS Fallen Angel where he served as junior counselor for a year. When this year passed, he was then promoted to senior counselor when the then senior counselor was promoted to chief counselor. Two years later, while he completed the Starfleet command course, he was promoted to chief counselor when the then chief counselor was killed in battle.

At age 27, he transferred to Starbase Resurrection, to serve as both senior counselor and instructor in a wide variety of fields.

Three years later, he transferred to the USS Dark Phoenix to serve as senior counselor.

In 2364, Naois married his former student, Doctor Valeia Roquel after a short but intense period of romance. His fear of losing her as well as his profound love for her, compelled him to ask her to marry him. They were bonded the Vulcan way, but also married in a very Human ceremony. Early after their marriage, Naois nearly lost his wife when a pregnancy went wrong in the second trimester. He vowed he'd not put her through that again, as a next pregnancy might kill her. In 2365 roughly 18 months after their marriage, they adopted a Betazoid orphan named Revan. Three years later, they adopted then six month old Laura, a Human girl. In the same year they also adopted a three year old Romulan boy.

Psychological Profile:
Naois gets nervous in large crowds and he is very much set to himself. He isn't a lonely person, but he tends to withdraw when too many people are around. He is also a very suspicious person when it comes to dealing with strangers, which is the result of finding out about the suspect death of his older brother.

Medical Record:
Naois is generally a healthy person who is rarely ill, though he did inherit his father's allergy for anything containing citrus or citrus derivatives. He was shot in the chest while on away mission, but his heroic 'catching the bullet' resulted an action that saved the life of his friend Joanna Russ.

Due to his generally cautious nature, Naois is often able to avert any actions that might result in getting hurt, though he isn't always this lucky. During one of his training flights, Naois was severely injured as the shuttle crashed headlong into Starbase Resurrection. He spent several days in an intensive care unit, bordering on the brink of death. However, he survived under the care of Doctor Valeia Roquel, who later became his wife.

Later, aboard the USS Dark Phoenix, Naois suffered the onset of Pon Farr, brought about by a series of secretly administered drugs. He was captured and forced to endure Pon Farr in the hope that he would mate with his nemesis. His love for Valeia, however, failed to bring about the desired effect, though his memory was permanently damaged in the process. He has no memories of the events after being captured and prior to Antoine Donolly (an old-time friend and mentor) waking him up. He and Valeia got married not long after and are still fiercely protective of one another, though obviously also devoted. Despite repeated attempts to recover his memory, including a very invasive mind-meld by his closest friend, Peter Horn, Naois resigned in the fact that he'll never learn what truly happened that one night.

Naois is quite proud of his family and makes no effort to hide that pride. He is a devoted family man who will allow nothing to come between him and his duties as father and husband.

After an escalation of his personal problems he was arrested on an assault charge and put in the brig. After Valeia fell ill, Naois lost compete control of his facilities and was relieved of duty. Once the Voltaire docked at Bajor for shoreleave, he transferred to be with his wife and seek treatment for himself. He remains in contact with Captain Kenyal, whom he sees as a friend and confidant.

At first her treatment seemed to work and Valeia showed signs of recovery, however after a relapse which lasted a few weeks, she started to fade away and finally died. Since he was prepared for her death ever since she fell terribly ill, Naois had time to properly prepare and accepted the severance of his telepathic bond with the help of his closest friends. Since he was prepared, he didn't suffer any further madness that often goes with a sudden break of such a bond.

For the moment, he still resides on Bajor to bury his wife and spend time with his young children. He is not yet ready for starship duty, but remains in contact with the newly promoted Captain Noah Mitchell, in the hope of establishing some form of trust and friendship.


After a sufficient time of grieving (three years), Naois is reinstated to active duty and transfers to the USS Gemini to serve as counselor. His children will reside with him on the Galaxy class starship.


Transferred from the Gemini to the Galileo in the hope of finding a more suitable venue to raise his children and a larger department of counselors to ease himself back into the job.


When the Galileo was trapped in the Mirror universe, Naois was interrogated and tortured by the mirror verson of Jaana Voutilainen. During this torture, he was severely injured and among his injuries were several broken bones, sprains and bruises. The most severe injury was his right hand, which was irreparably damaged and required amputation. In it's place, Naois will be fitted with a bionic hand which will be indistinguishable from a real one.

After return from mirror universe, Naois used the months of leave granted to return to Starfleet Medical and finish his psychology specialisation. At the end of his leave period, he earned his Doctorate of Psychology, specializing in post-trauma (injury) care.


Transferred to Camp Falkirk, feeling his services might be better rendered on a base, also because he doesn't want to be separated from his family again. He feels a planet bound base may also be a safer environment to raise his children.


Unable to remain on Falkirk after going through his second pon farr and getting seriously injured while trying to save his own life, Naois opted to transfer back to the frontier, and back into the medical field rather than counseling. After a few months of recovery, he was transferred to the USS Apollo.


Medical Record:

USS Galileo:
Suffered severe injuries while captured by mirror universe soldiers. Lost right hand which is replaced with bionic replica.

Camp Falkirk:
Extensive amount of fractures and bruising as the result of fighting for his life in the Vulcan ritual kal-if-fee. Fortunately for him, his condition was resolved - for the next seven years. He was strongly advised to seek a proper mate before this time arrives again.

USS Apollo:
Was beat up by the XO in a sparring match. The lack of restraint however caused Naois to lose faith in the crew and he promptly requested a transfer.
Service Record 2351 - Applied to Starfleet Academy
2355 - Graduated Starfleet Academy, promoted to Ensign, and assigned to USS Fallen Angel as Junior Counselor
2357 - Promoted to Lieutenant junior grade and assigned to USS Fallen Angel as Senior Counselor
2358 - Completed Starfleet Academy Command track and assigned to USS Fallen Angel Chef Counseling Officer
2359 - Transferred to Starbase Resurrection as Senior Counselor and Instructor
2362 - Transferred to USS Dark Phoenix as Senior Counselor
2367 - Transferred to USS Voltaire as Senior Counselor
2367 - Transferred to Bajor
2370 - Transferred to USS Gemini as counselor
2371 - Assigned to USS Galileo, Medical Officer
2372 - Switched to Counsellor
2372 - Earned his Doctorate of Psychology during a 3 month leave. After return transferred to Camp Falkirk.
2374 - Transferred to USS Apollo, CMO
2375 - Transferred to USS Imperator, CMO

2375 - Transferred to USS Britannic, XO