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Lieutenant Chexor Vonn

Name Chexor Vonn

Position Chief Operations Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Bolian
Age 33

Physical Appearance

Height 5'6"
Weight 235 lbs.
Hair Color n/a
Eye Color Brown
Physical Description As is typical with others of his race, Chex has pale blue skin and a vertical cartilaginous ridge bisecting his head and running down the front and back of his body. Along the ridge on the top of his head are several dark blue bands. His earlobes are slightly elongated. Although he is a Starfleet Officer, Chex has always had difficulty maintaining a healthy weight. He is overweight, and he knows it. Even so, it generally doesn’t impede his day to day tasks.


Father Tofer
Mother Lolara
Brother(s) Hagon
Other Family Kysia (aunt), Gary (Bolian seasloth)

Personality & Traits

General Overview Chexor Vonn is an attention seeker. Now, it is important to note that he isn’t this way for malicious reasons, but due to his upbringing, or lack thereof. He is a bit of an overachiever, often giving himself or taking on tasks that are too great for him to complete on his own. He does work extremely hard though; especially when he’s involved in something that he really cares about. Chex works well with others. At least, he believes he does. He can be a little socially awkward at times but he always means well. He simply tends to talk a little too much.
Strengths & Weaknesses + Organized
+ Dedicated
+ Meticulous
+ Creative
+ Selfless

- Attention-Seeker
- Overachiever
- Lacks Confidence
- Over-Talkative
- Physical Health
Ambitions Throughout his life, Chex has always wanted to prove his doubters wrong. More importantly, however, he hopes to prove to himself that he has value to the people around him.
Hobbies & Interests Chex is a bit of a performer. He likes the attention it puts on him. He can play various musical instruments but the acoustic guitar is his favourite. He has also, in the past, organized elaborate theatrical productions for his crewmates and friends. He also enjoys reading, taking part in holonovels and playing games. Chex collects a wide array of star charts from the alien races he encounters in his journeys.

Personal History Chexor Vonn was born in the year 2342 to parents Tofer and Lolara in the domed, underwater city of Tragon on Bolarus. The young boy didn’t get to see his parents very often as they were engineers who worked aboard the nearby Federation space station - Starbase 10. They were always busy with Starfleet, a fact that Chex would come to resent as he grew older. Both he and his older brother Hagon were primarily raised by their Aunt Kysia.

Despite the love and care Chex received from his extended family, it was never enough for him. He yearned for the attention of his mother and father; that much was obvious. As is often the result with children in these circumstances, Chex became a bit of a troublemaker. Deep down inside, however, he was simply angry and hurting. Things went from bad to worse when Hagon decided to enlist into Starfleet. Chex was furious and he lashed out in whichever way he could. It wasn’t until he inadvertently put someone’s life in danger that he realized the harm he was causing and that didn’t sit well with him at all. It wasn’t who he wanted to be. To help Chex move on from his inner demons, Hagon suggested to his younger brother that he join him on Earth, believing that a change of scenery would do him some good. Hagon also hoped that it would give Chex an opportunity to properly absorb the realities of Starfleet and the United Federation of Planets; away from family, and most importantly, far away from any thought or mention of their parents. Chex agreed, partly because he wanted a new start and moving to another planet sounded like a lot of fun, but also because he felt really ashamed that he’d permitted himself to fall so far.

On Earth, Chex grasped at the opportunity that was given to him. Not only did he seek further help through counseling, but he also discovered an outlet for himself in the form of music and theatre. As time passed, Chex’s disdain for Starfleet began to fade as he realized that it wasn’t at fault for the way his parents reacted (or rather failed to react) to having children. Seeing first hand how Hagon was thriving in Starfleet really aided him in seeing it in a different light. In fact, he began to perceive his entire life differently; his miniscule problems were insignificant compared to what was happening elsewhere in the galaxy at large. He wanted to help and guide others to live better and fuller lives.

This thought process led Chex to consider various career options for the future from teaching, to even becoming a counselor himself. He didn’t choose either of those options however, opting instead to follow in his brother’s footsteps and enlist into Starfleet with the sole rule being that he would keep in touch with Hagon and his family on Bolarus as much as possible.

After four years at Starfleet Academy, Chex graduated and was assigned to the USS Scobee as an Operations Officer. He served aboard the Scobee through two five-year excursions into the southern reaches of the Beta Quadrant. By the time war with the Dominion broke out across the Alpha Quadrant, Chex had risen in rank to Lieutenant and had taken over as Chief of Operations. In thirteen years, he’d made a number of friends aboard the Scobee and considered them to be his true family. It made the outcome of the Battle of Rigel, early in 2375, that much more difficult to bear as the Scobee was destroyed by Dominion Forces. Chex and only a handful of the crew managed to escape via escape pods but this marked the end of the Bolian’s involvement in the war. Although he only had minor injuries, Chex was sent to Starbase 12 for rehabilitation.

He has been waiting for a new assignment ever since...
Service Record 2358 - Enlisted into Starfleet Academy.
2362 - Graduated from Starfleet Academy.
2362 - Promoted to the rank of Ensign and assigned to the USS Scobee (Challenger-class) as Operations Officer.
2368 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant Junior Grade.
2373 - Promoted to the rank of Lieutenant and reassigned as Chief Operations Officer.
2375 - Reassigned to the USS Britannic (Nebula-class) as Chief Operations Officer.