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No Time for Honeymoon

Posted on Thu Feb 1st, 2024 @ 3:59pm by Lieutenant JG René Rouen & Ensign Sabine Rouen & Lieutenant JG Toareth Rouen (née Darqa) & Gabrielle Rouen

1,685 words; about a 8 minute read

Mission: Prelude: Getting Ready to Depart
Location: Rouen Quarters
Timeline: Current

The reception had been relatively short, only about two hours. René had danced first with Toareth of course and then his mother while Toareth, not having family present, danced with Jean-Claude. Then then a wonderful dinner. Though it had been a happy occasion, Sabine, Gabrielle, Toareth and René were slated to transport back to the ship. The Britannic was scheduled to depart during the forenoon watch the following morning. Sabine had agreed to take Gabrielle for the night to allow Toareth and René a private wedding night before tomorrow's launch.

The door to Toareth's, and René's, quarters, now to be referred to as the Rouen Quarters, slid open and as instantly as Gabrielle's feet took her inside, "Uncle Wynch," she called out as she ran forward into their quarters.

"Gabs," he said and hoisted her up and she arrived. "How does it..."

"Mama and Dada are pwoperw now."

"I see that," he gave Toareth and René a wave.

Toareth was already holding René's hand, keeping him from calling ship Security.

René was too happy to even allow Lynch's presence to spoil his day. He took a deep breath and politely nodded. "Commander Lynch. Noticed you at the back of the chapel taking a seat just prior to the Wedding March. Thank you for coming to the joyful occasion."

"Oh, I would not miss that for the world," he said. "Thanks for the invite by the way," he added, flitting his eyes back and forth between René and Toareth. "I do have two things for you. Nothing physical, apologies. But...uh...first, congratulations to the two...three of you, from myself and everyone who does not work for the said organization which does not exist."

"Uncle Wynch, you're such a kidderw," said Gabrielle as she hit him on the shoulder.

"Yes, well..." he gently placed her down. "Second..and this is for you two." In a whisper, "not for..." and he cast his eyes downward toward Gabrielle.

Toareth understood and stepped forward, crouching to Gabrielle's level. "Dearheart," she said with arm outstretched. Gabrielle came running to her. "How about you go to your room and pick out a few toys. I will be there in a few minutes to see what you picked out. Fair?"

"Fairw," she said and darted away toward her room.

As Gabrielle was disappearing into her room, and the door was sliding shut, Toareth stood and stepped back closer to her husband, reaching for his hand.

René took Toareth's hand into his, as well as taking a half step forward as a subconscious means of shielding his wife from the man in front of them. He glanced at Gabrielle's bedroom door before fixing his gaze on Lynch. "Could you please get to the point...sir."

Lynch took a step, stopped. "We, uh...the organization I and the others do not work for that is...intercepted a communique from the Romulan Embassy in Paris right around the time you two were announced." He could see he had the full attentions of both. "The communique was triple encrypted but was easy enough to break. I am certain we were meant to intercept it. And to jam it. But considering the amount of people going in and out of..."

"Lynch!" said Toareth, stopping his words. "The communique."

Lynch took a breath. "It was just four words. 'Toareth. Married. With child,'" he spoke as he counted on his fingers. "And that was it."

René considered Lynch's words in silence for a moment. He turned to Toareth, a concerned expression on his face. "Amour, who in the Romulan government would be interested in your being married and being a mother?" The message was too short for any official reason. The format indicated seemed...personal somehow.

Toareth kept her eyes on Lynch, a little in disbelief. "No one," she answered. "In the government that is. But the Romulan Empire is a mafia state."

"That it is," said Lynch.

"Nokron," Toareth surmised.

Lynch gave a nod. "He popped up on our radar right after you..."

"...went to Romulan space," Toareth finished.

"Why did you go?" But Lynch knew he was not going to get an answer. "And he may not be the only one. People in the Tal Shiar, the agents..."

"Lynch!" Toareth sshhhed him quickly.

"What? You haven't..." Lynch looked to René. "She hasn't told you yet?"

"We haven't had that conversation yet." Toareth turned to René. "I will tell you...want to tell you. I beg you, let's just not make it today, please."

René looked at Toareth. There was so much he didn't know about her, but he loved her and trusted her. He had never pressured her to share information about herself and he wasn't inclined to start now. He finally nodded.

"And do not hold anything back," said Lynch. "He's your husband. Tell him everything. Just...just make sure this does not any further. I the meantime, we have already, officially, assigned you to another ship. A fictional one currently on patrol in the Gamma Quadrant. Your husband and daughter are there too. This ruse may not last forever but we can at least keep Nokron and anyone else off your tail for a bit. So, don't worry." Lynch pointed over his shoulder. "May I used your latrine? I'll be quick and will be gone before you know it."

René gestured to the fresher and watched as Lynch disappeared. He embraced Toareth. "Tonight is about us. Nothing else matters. "

Toareth embraced him back. She could feel his feelings of support but also of concern. She enjoyed that feeling, also the feeling of his embrace. "I did not survive this long on luck and providence alone. But now I know, together we can face anything. I truly feel supported and protected." Through her empathy, she felt his love and could compare it to joy being a blanket, and she would wrap herself up in it. "I want you to feel the same," she said.

René did feel the same. He was, finally, married to the woman he had been in love with for years. Their child was only a few meters away in her bedroom and.... The best for all of them was yet to come.

She placed both of her hand upon his chest, could feel his heartbeat. "Remember the name Runaite." Pronounced Roo-na-EE-tay. "Repeat that to me the next time we are alone and have the time. That..." and if René has empathy, he would feel her restraint in saying anything more. Perhaps he saw it in her face. Still, she pressed on. "...that alone will explain a lot. For now, I should check on Gabby. It's is almost her bedtime. And...what is it your scripture says? We still need to become one flesh?"

René smiled before giving Toareth a soft kiss. "Go. I will be there in a few minutes." He released her reluctantly and stepped back slowly.

Toareth stepped away slowly all the same, gave a nod and started for Gabrielle's room.

René would have gone in Gabrielle's bedroom with Toareth, but Lynch was still in the fresher and René wanted to ensure the man was going to depart shortly. He was still waiting when the door chime rang. "Enter."

Sabine stepped inside wearing jeans and a t-shirt. She gave her brother a hug. "Is Gabrielle ready?"

René shook his head. "We won't need you to watch Gabrielle tonight. Toar is actually getting her ready for bed right now and she sleeps soundly anyway."

René realized then, that he never heard the manual lock on the door to the fresher ever engage. In fact, there came no sound that anyone was really in there, or that the fresher was actually being used. Lynch did indicate that he would be gone before René knew it.

Sabine shrugged. "Are you sure you don't want me to take Gabrielle?"

René nodded and walked his sister to the door. He spared a glance at the fresher door after Sabine was gone and shook his head. He then joined his family and gave his daughter a hug and kiss. "Did you have fun today my Miraculous Ladybug?"

"I did, Dada," Gabrielle said with a stretch and a yawn. She then went to rubbing her eyes.

"She was getting ready for bed when I came in," said Toareth. "Looks like the day wore her out completely."

As Toareth tucked her in, "Don't get mawwied again," said Gabrielle and she rolled onto her side. "I can't handlew it."

René chuckled as he knelt down next to the bed to give Gabrielle a kiss on the cheek. "No worries. Your mother is the only one I want to be married to." He glanced up at Toareth. She was the one and only for him. He turned his gaze back to Gabrielle and gently stroked her head as he hummed an old French lullaby called Alouettes, Gentille Alouette to his daughter.

By the time he was done, so was Gabrielle. Her snore was a soft purr.

Toareth quietly exited the room and returned to the living area.

René lingered for a moment longer to simply admire his sleeping daughter. He finally stood up and rejoined Toareth in in the living room

Toareth went to her husband, into his arms, enjoying the closeness. "Did Lynch already leave? Is he done in the lavatory?"

Rene nodded as a slight chuckle slipped out. "Transported out of the head when he was done. Not even a good bye."

She chuckled. "Sounds like him to do." She peered into René's eyes. "We've not the time for a honeymoon right now. But, we still need to consummate our marriage."

René brushed Toareth's hair as he smiled. He scooped her up into his arms and carried her into the master bedroom. He was finally married to the woman that had dominated his dreams for the last four years. The one and only other time they had made love was when Gabrielle was conceived. He wondered as they kissed, disrobed and finally tumbled into bed if that would be the case this time.


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