Family Physicals

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Mission: Prelude: Getting Ready to Depart
Location: Sickbay
Timeline: Prior to Arriving in Chin'Toka

René had completed his in-processing with the exception of his boarding physical. He had sent a short message to Toareth to see if she and Gabrielle had gotten theirs and suggested doing it as a family if possible. He was waiting outside Sickbay and smiled as he spotted Toareth and Gabrielle step out of the turbolift at the end of the corridor.

The pair walked hand in hand. Toareth normally had to walk slower, take smaller steps so as to not leave Gabrielle behind or drag her along. This time however, as Gabby's eyes recognized her Dada, it was almost as though Toareth had to speed up her stroll to keep up with the little one.

Toareth finally let go of Gabby's hand as they were mere feet from René and she ran onward toward him. "Dada!" with called out to him with her arms raised.

René crouched as Gabrielle ran up to him. He grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her into the air. "Bon jour mon petit (Good morning my little one)!" He lowered her after a moment and held her close to his chest. "Have you been good for your mama?"

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"I tried to skip this part," Toareth said as she too arrived upon René's position. "Something about the Asst CMO not getting her initial scan did not sit well with the CMO. At least you can return to work once this is done. Me..." she motioned with her eyes, "...I work in here."

René shrugged with a slight smile. "I have to head to the gymnasium after my physical. Seems my boss wants to evaluate my hand-to-hand combat skills."

"Dada," Gabrielle broke in, "the compwuter knows my voice patterwn for the repwicatowr."

Rene gave Gabrielle an faux astonished look. "It does, well I hope you're ordering a healthy snack...or ice cream."

"Mama says I can't yet."

"We need to get the initial scan out of the way first Dearheart," Toareth added. "Then you can have ice cream."

Gabrielle cheered as Toareth motioned for them to get on inside the Sick Bay. She was the last to enter and the first to head off to the office to drop her belongings. She would be able to perform scans for René and Gabrielle but regulations dictated that no one was supposed to perform their own initial scan, not even the CMO himself. Toareth volunteered to go first so as to not hold up Dr. Elryo more than he need to be held up.

Doctor Peeq Elyro had entered from the small hallway that connected to his office at the side of the sickbay. Setting aside his lab coat on the back of a nearby chair, the Edosian used his central arm to pick up a Medical Tricorder from the equipment tray that lay nearby. Opening the device, the Doctor approached the patients, "Welcome to Sickbay. How is everyone today?"

"We are doing well, sir," Toareth said. We are all here for our initial scans. If you prefer to get back to what you were working on, you can scan me first and I can scan these two," she motioned to Rene and their child.

"Now now," Elyro answered as he fiddled with the medical tricorder in his hand, "Starfleet Medical protocols are fairly strict when it comes to a family member treating another family member. Physicals meet that category, but I would be happy to allow you to run the scans while I observe you." He handed over the Medical Tricorder to his new Assistant Chief, "Please proceed and I will be here, should you need me."

He knew that Toareth wouldn't really need his assistance from his experiences earlier, but he was curious what the scans would reveal.

Toareth held the tricorder and scanning wand and looked briefly at the CMO before she tapped away at the tricorder to duplicate the readings on the terminal behind her. "I suppose I can scan myself first." She activated the wand and moved it about her head, over her scalp, to each of her temples, the jugulars on the back of her neck. Her brain appeared normal as always; nothing out of the ordinary. That still did not stop her frequent migraines. The scans of her neck showed frequent hypospray injection points on the back of her neck, to the right of the spine on the jugular that sends blood to the brain. Toareth saw the readings on the tricorder and flashed her eyes between everyone without adding any commentary. She proceeded. Her chest showed everything as being normal though her respiratory system showed the presence of a forever chemical that frequently shows up on certain vaccines meant for the combatting of Romulan viral infections. She waved the wand rather speedily over her abdomen and pelvic area. The computer picked up nothing out of the ordinary but did have the chance to indicate evidence that she had given birth at least once. Her legs shows nothing abnormal at all. Her entire system though showed the presence of phalmectin in trace amounts. Proving that she frequently used the medicinal drug but not regularly and certainly not in high doses.

As she finished, she allowed the doctor to peruse the information displayed on the terminal.

Standing at the workstation, Doctor Elyro was curious as the data scrolled over the display. Crossing his three arms, certain items kept coming to his attention that were somewhat out of the ordinary, but that he already had known about. The frequent migraines remained a mystery though. Clearly in her previous medical history, the irregularity was that the scans kept revealing no underlying cause defining why the patient had the migraines. Several theories appeared in his mind as he considered the varying reasons to explain headaches, including thoughts ranging from his experiences in archaeological medicine. Rarely, some patients exposed to vaccines for Romulan viral infections had frequent headaches, but that would be hard to prove.

"Please continue," he directed as he made notes on the report.

Toar thought briefly of what the scans did not show; what she was too quick so as to make the wand not pick it up; what might be revealed under heavy perusal of her scans. The thought weighed heavily on her but she needed to power through.

Gabrielle moved a little in René's arms. "Mama," she said solemnly.

"I'm OK Dearheart. Now," she turned her attention to René. Her words were meant for Peeq. "I have scanned René here once in the past. Let's see how things have progressed." She waved the wand over his head, around his head, neck, shoulders, chest, and on downward. "It has been some years, but I did find some slight cartilage and tendon degradation of in René's primary joins, but only to a degree of only 5% more than the average group of 1000 individuals of his race and age. This is primarily found in athletes, body-builders, people who move around a lot more than the average person. Definitely nothing to worry about for at least another 20 years or so. It was then that I prescribed a 25% reduction of starch as well as a 25% increase in polyphenolic flavoids. I programmed that prescription into the replication matrix of his profile and..." she continued waving the wand about and looking at the readout on her tricorder. "It seems the degree of degradation is down to only about 4%. I blame the Dominion War for that number not being lower." Mentioning the Dominion War brought a thought which she quickly shook from her mind.

As the readings continued to pour in, Toareth made mental notes of the physical scars René possessed. Sure dermal regenerators would heal wounds and make scars seemingly go away entirely, but micro scar tissue would always remain and would always be picked up in intrusive scans such as this. And René had plenty of scars.

René looked at Toareth and then to Doctor Elyro. "You're both rather quiet. Is there something I should be concerned about?"

Toareth had no concerns. She looked to Peeq wondering if he had anything to add or any questions or concerns.

"I'm just a naturally quiet person," the Chief Medical Officer answered after making a note on the scans. "I have been ever since I served aboard the Honshu during the Dominion War." He didn't like talking about that experience very much, enough that an El-Aurian would probably detect the minor fluctuations in his words. Doctor Elyro served as Chief Medical Officer on the Nebula Class sister of the Britannic during several battles and even participated in Operation Return during that assignment. It was a fun adventure, but when the Honshu was destroyed by Dominion Forces while escorting Legate Dukat to trial, Peeq was trapped in an escape pod with seven critical patients. He managed to keep them alive until the Constellation found them, but it still scarred him.

Toarth looked at her boss as he spoke, felt his mood somewhat. She was still not entirely familiar with his kind and was still figuring out how their emotions and their pain worked. Still, Toareth felt she read him well enough.

"Is there something I should be concerned about, though?" asked Rene.

"No," Toareth said. "Of course not. You are in great physical shape with no concerns now or on the horizon."

René gave a comforting sigh. He had maintained a good diet with the nutritional supplements she had recommended during her first examination of him. "I had a phenomenal physician during my cadet cruise."

Toareth flashed her eyes to René then set her focus on Gabrielle. "I would like to meet this physician some day," she said. As she started scanning Gabrielle, the terminal display returned with results. Gabrielle appeared human enough on the outside, but showed a few distinct El-Aurian traits internally; organs in slightly different positions, her jugular and other primary blood delivery and circulatory systems resided on the back of her neck instead of the sides. Neural activity appeared more active than human. The computer kept calculating and estimating Gabrielle's age and kept displaying 2.5 years instead of her being just over 3 and Toareth was not sure if that was any indication of her possibly acquiring El-Aurian longevity. With there being too few human/El-Aurian hybrids, it was nearly impossible to predict what kind of life and how long a life Gabrielle would have.

René was curious, but he was confident that if there were any issues regarding Gabrielle's health Toareth or Doctor Elyro would inform him when little ears weren't around. He picked up Gabrielle. "How is the Miraculous Ladybug feeling?"

"I feelw good Dada."

"As she should," said Toareth. "The computer indicates nothing anomalous or of concern." She turned to Peeq. "Do you have anything, Doctor?"

The short for his species, yet toweringly tall, Edosian looked at the monitor closely for a moment, the rest of the world having faded away. His central hand was typing on the control console, but it was almost as if he were absently doing so. Edosians had a natural ability to compartmentalize their actions, allowing them to complete multiple complex tasks with little to no interruption simultaneously. Still, there was something atypical about this one. Almost as if the doctor was not there with them.

Toareth felt a little awkward as silence from the CMO stretched onward. She broke that silence with, "It looks like we have all we need for now. The computer is not coming up with anything blatantly anomalous. We will, of course, look over these readings ourselves and report any findings." To Rene and her daughter, "you two are done here and free to leave Doctor Elryo or I will make contact if needed."

René looked at his daughter. She had been an exemplary patient and, in his opinion, deserved a reward. "Mama has to stay and work. How about we father daughter time and grab some ice cream?"

Gabrielle threw her hands into the air and said, "Ice cweam." She waved her hand at her mother and the doctor as René carried her away. "Bye Mama. Bye doctorw."

Toareth returned her attention to the computer monitor and waited for Doctor Elryo to break from his concentration.

And it took longer for that to happen than anticipated. The Edosian reviewed several files on the display as he worked, navigating through the menus and submenus quickly as he processed the data. His Edosian mind worked not on a single patient, but the compartmentalization that came naturally to him allowed for him to effectively work on multiple projects at once.

Entering a sequence to finalize his work, he looked over, "Excellent work."

"Thank you doctor," she said. Considering the time he took to peruse the display, she more than half expected him to find something anomalous or a flaw in her work and methods. Her anxiety as such had built until he finally spoke. She had not worked with any Edosians in her past and figure this was going to be a learning curve with her. She needed to expect more of the same from him. "I will synch these records with the main computer. Future scans will show any changes."



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