Welcome to the USS Britannic!

The Dominion war has come to an end. Billions of casualties on both sides. The Federation has begun to rebuild what the Dominion destroyed, however, millions of people on either side face a new battle. A battle for life itself.

The USS Britannic fought through the war, serving Allied forces in all of the major actions of the war. It's tactical pod proving the Nebula Class vessel with the equipment needed to survive to fight another day.

Now, it was redundant. The Britannic wasn’t needed to fight, it was needed to heal. After a small refit, her tactical pod was replaced with a Medical Pod, to help those in need.

Captain Lukas Fredricks, who commanded her through the war, must now command her through peace time and help heal both friends and old enemies.

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» Congrats on 1 Year of Service!

Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2024 @ 3:56pm by Captain Qa'ada MD in General News


I would like to take a moment to congratulate these amazing writers on 1 year with the Britannic!

Captain Lukas Fredricks
Commander Naois Mercy MD
Lieutenant Chexor Vonn
Lieutenant Faith Hawkins
Lieutenant Kod'ar

Thank you for going boldly with us!


» Testing

Posted on Sun Apr 23rd, 2023 @ 8:41pm by Lieutenant Kod'ar in General News


Latest Mission Posts

» Adverse Events

Mission: Fortuna
Posted on Sun Apr 21st, 2024 @ 4:03pm by Captain Qa'ada MD & Commander Naois Mercy MD & Lieutenant Amelia Fox & Lieutenant Faith Hawkins & Lieutenant JG René Rouen & Lieutenant JG Toareth Rouen (née Darqa)

Commander Peeq Elyro stood in his Quarters aboard the Nebula Class Britannic staring at a holographic replica of himself. The tall, yet short for his species, Edosian looked carefully at himself, his eyes focusing on the three pips on his collar. Reaching up he removed them, carefully holding the brass…

» Danger, Robinson!

Mission: Fortuna
Posted on Thu Apr 11th, 2024 @ 5:09am by Commander Naois Mercy MD & Lieutenant JG Toareth Rouen (née Darqa)

Still not sure how to inform his children their godmother would never come to visit again, Naois felt he needed some time by himself. He approached the holodeck controls and programmed a hiking simulation with many a steep climb or descent. "Computer, lower safeties to seventy percent," he ordered, not…

» Mournful Duty

Mission: Fortuna
Posted on Mon Apr 1st, 2024 @ 9:55am by Commander Naois Mercy MD & Lieutenant Cassandra Higgins-Stevens & Lieutenant JG René Rouen

QUESTION: Are we going to continue developing this thread?

René wore a mournful expression as he picked up the last item from a shelf in Amara's quarters. "Framed Starfleet Academy diploma for one Amara Naidoo." His voice was subdued, but professional as he placed the item in a medium sized…


Mission: Fortuna
Posted on Fri Mar 29th, 2024 @ 2:22pm by Lieutenant JG Toareth Rouen (née Darqa) & Lieutenant Faith Hawkins

Toareth entered the shuttle bay. She had, in her hand, a PADD with the instructions displayed on performing a user level preventive maintenance checks and services or PMCS. Despite her official record and all that it contained, she never actually spent all that time at the Academy. Some of the…

» Back Post: Walkabout - Engineering

Mission: Fortuna
Posted on Wed Mar 27th, 2024 @ 7:43pm by Lieutenant Faith Hawkins & Ensign Willa Baker & Lieutenant JG René Rouen

René opted to see the engineering decks after his visit to sciences. He made his way around several decks and meeting some of the more junior officers. He strolled into main engineering and went up to the 'pool table' and stood there quietly as the Chief Engineer and members of…